Nocino Green Walnut Liqueur /  ノチノ・グリーンウォルナットリキュール

Nocino Green Walnut Liqueur / ノチノ・グリーンウォルナットリキュール


Brandy | 375ml | ABV: 42%


We scour the streets of Portland for low-hanging, well-laden walnut trees for our Nocino. After relieving our friends and neighbors of this hand-staining, squirrel-attracting nut, harvested in its immature stage in early summer, we dice and macerate our harvest in a combination of rye whiskey and pinot noir brandy, spiked with vanilla, cinnamon, and other warm spices. The result is a dense, fruitcake-like spirit we love as a substitute for vermouth in a Manhattan.

1 - 6